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Australian Enviro Projects was developed to provide energy conservation and management services for businesses and households to help strengthen their bottom line and take the ease of ever increasing power bills.

We have a unique business model, partnering with a large number of highly professional electrical contractors, engineers, designers and business leaders, bringing together the best possible team and find the long term solution.

Our team takes pride in cultivating clear and precise energy saving projects across a wide range of skills and latest technology.

30kW micro inverter system St Benedict’s Catholic School

AIB Insurance 90kW Grid connect system

Craig Coetzee Mount Lue 14kW Off Grid system

CAA Kunda Park 80kW Grid connect

Wide Bay Tafe 120kW Grid connect system

Noble Family 6kW grid connect system

Maralong Mill QLD 30kW system

Noosa CV Radiators 15kW system

Damien and Sandy 5.7kW Eumundi

Steve and Jodie Bulimba 6.24kW

Graham 5kW Micro Inverter System Yandina

Recent Project Reviews

Case Study…

We have been working closely with Matt Harold from Australian Enviro Projects for more than 5 years on managing our electricity consumption. We initially installed a monitoring system followed by 90kW of solar. Enviro Projects have helped save us money with fast pay back periods and we now consult with them in regards to future expansion.

– Ross Gorfine MD CAA Australia
Case Study…

AEP installed a micro inverter system on the basketball court at St Benedict’s Catholic Primary school which has enabled us to stay under the large consumer threshold savings us more than 60% of our annual power bill. They also have provided a high tech monitoring device in a number of our schools which allow us to closely monitor our usage and provide education tools for our students.

– Paul Bryant Facilities Officer Catholic Education Department
Case Study…

Our companies annual electricity bill was over $120k. We had a large roof space so approached Enviro Projects to develop our 90kW solar system. The system was installed in March 2015 and provides 65% of our power consumption, providing savings of more than $60k per annum.

– Vicki Warne CEO AIB Insurance Brokers
Case Study…

We develop large medical centres all over Australia and the cost of power has become a major concern. Our most recent project we approached Australian Enviro Projects to develop some research into installing a solar system. We installed 80kW on our Super Clinic in Caboolture which provides us with adequate savings and improves the investments bottom line.

– David Hooper Financial Advisor Doctors Wealth Planning
Case Study…

We installed a total of 180kW worth of Solar with Matt Harold and AEP over two campus sites which have been in operation for more than 5 years and decreased our energy bills by approx 15%. AEP monitor the system closely and inform us of any irregularities. To date the systems have been working without fault.

– Brad Lyon Director of administration Wide Bay Tafe

Case Study…

AEP installed our 4kW solar system in October 2014. We were immediately impressed by the clear and precise method of how they showed us how our investment would pay itself off, and have been back in contact since to us to ensure we are happy with the results. We would highly recommend this company to anyone.

– Zsolt Dallos Mooloolah Valley QLD 4.68kW 
Case Study…

We built a large property on the outskirts of Toowoomba in 2014. The cost of bringing power to the property was in excess of $200k so we approached AEP to install a complete off grid solar system. We have a small generator as back up which to date has not needed to  be used and we live completely free from the grid and power bills.

– Craig Coettze Mount Luke QLD 14kW Off Grid System 
Case Study…

We had a solar system installed in early 2016 and was surprised about the turnaround time between quote, order and install. Never knew this could be organised so quickly. The install went smoothly and took appropriate safety precautions, hence no rush job. The solar system system is producing in excess of what we were promised and our bills have declined more than we expected. Thanks guys.

– Marko Hemmes Eumundi QLD 6.24kW 
Case Study…

Through the use of Solar Quotes I was introduced to Matt and his team at Enviro Projects in my local area. from the beginning Matt was excellent to work with, his initial proposal focused more on the technology with facts from magazines and reviews along with tips to make solar to give us the biggest benefit for our situation rather the bagging competitors.
From the time we gave EnviroProjects the green light, we had our system installed before the week had ended and I will say that Matt listen to what we wanted and what we ended up with has exceeded our expectations.
After we had our system done, a neighbour also went with Matt and received the exact same experience and professionalism
I would highly recommend EnviroProjects to anyone.

– Wes Bli Bli QLD 4.68kW 
Case Study…

Everything you wish for in getting a job done but can’t seem to get, these guys were honest and professional.
The process was made easy by the way everything was explained and I was helped to get the best system for my needs, they turned up when they said they would they were finished when they said they would the job was done professionally by happy and considerate workers who left the site clean and tidy.
Great job great service, I wish i could find more tradesman at this level of professionalism.
Thank you Mathew Harold Australian Enviro Projects

– Vince Doonan QLD 6.24kW 


Our Passion is to help families and companies make real and lasting conservation improvements that optimise energy usage and reduce power consumption

Save Energy

Our Commitment is to educate and assist decision makers in their efforts to implement proven energy-saving strategies in their facilities and operations


Our Promise is to work tirelessly and diligently to help homes and businesses transform themselves into sustainable, socially responsible organisations, while strengthening their bottom line.

1     Overview

An 80kw solar system with energy monitoring was installed in March 2015 at Cathodic Anodes Australia in April 2014 with the following aims:

a) Draw energy consumption from a renewable source

b) Minimize as much as possible grid consumption

c) Keep the company in tariff and not demand charges

The following report represents data for the month of July starting on the 1st up until the 5th of November 2014.


2           Energy Bills 2013 Vs 2014 and Savings


3           Points of interest

Data Capture when the induction furnace is operating

During days where the furnaces are operating the Solar system is working at its full 80kW load, and providing 370-­‐420kWh worth of free renewable energy.

The load is huge during these days, of which the Solar is providing approx. 25%.


Data Capture when furnaces are not operating


The Solar system is only working at a very small % of its potential during days where there are no induction furnaces operating, but still covering more than 50% of your daily load.

I notice there is something operating at about 6-­‐8kW per phase but on only 2 phases from 6am on these days, which may be evenly split on each phase and turned on closer to 9am when the solar is running at its peak.

Data Capture when electric resistance furnace is operating


CONT….. During days where the electric existencfurnace is operating the Solar system is working at its full 80kW load for periods of a time during the day, and providing 200-­‐220kWh worth of free renewable energy.

Most of the base load is covered now that the phases have been balanced.


Kunda Total Park ZED1 data from 30/06/2014 to 05/11/2014

Total Grid Consumption 71,591 KWh

Total Export 0.0 KWh

Total Usage 96,257 KWh

Total Solar Generation 24,666 KWh

Total annual predicted savings $36,619



1     Overview

An 80kW Solar system with Energy monitoring has been installed at AIB Insurance with the following aims:


a) Draw energy consumption from a renewable source

b) Minimize as much as possible grid consumption

c) Pin point any non-­‐essential loads.


The following report represents data for the month of June starting on the 17th up until the end of August 2014.



2     Energy Bills 2013 Vs 2014 and Savings



3     Points of interest

We can see a sharp increase in Solar Output each month, caused by the following decisions


a) June the system was only operating for 13 days

b)July we fixed the uneven loads to bring them closer together

c) August the system was running as it should

d) Without any other weather improvements we are on track to save AIB no less than $14,112 per annum.


The system has also been sized for summer when the air conditioning will be running at full. Currently the zero export is controlling the Solar system at around 35%, so as your load grows moving into summer so will your over all savings.


The 80kW Solar system will also cover a large portion of the daytime load should anyone move into the offices that are currently vacant.


4     Data Capture a typical day in August

The Dashboard view below shows the energy breakdown 2 days in August the 12th and 13th:






An 30kW Micro Inverter Solar system with Energy monitoring has been installed at St Benedict’s Catholic School with the following aims:


a) Draw energy consumption from a renewable source

b) Minimize as much as possible grid consumption

c) Bring the customer below the large consumer threshold and stop any threat to being placed on demand charges










Matt Harold managed the installation of a Solar system on Gympie Tafe. The system was installed quickly,professionally and on budget. We have been closely monitoring the output and our power bills and to date we have experienced a greater return than expected.

Wide Bay Tafe - Brad Faint General Manager

Australian Enviro Projects provided a 100kW complete off grid system for my large family home. We spoke to a number of companies and carefully chose Glen and his team to complete the job due to their professionalism and ability to deliver quality products within my budget. The system has not faulted and my generator has only been used as scheduled each month.

Craig Coetzee - Mount Luke Off Grid

“We considered getting a Solar System largely due to our ever rising cost of electricity and appointed Australian Enviro Projects to develop a strategy. They clearly pointed out the benefits, exactly what was involved and what sort of financial returns we would gain. Our 81kW system was delivered on time and to budget which will save us considerable money each month, enhance the value of our building and help reduce our annual carbon emissions.” Vicki Warne Managing Director AIB Insurance.

AIB Insurance 81kW - Vicki Warne Managing Director

Harnessing The Sun To Make Anodes

Cathodic Anodes Australasia is proud to announce the commissioning of their new Solar Power System at their Anode Manufacturing Plant at Kunda Park in Queensland.
CAA General Manager Ross Gorfine comments, “this is great news for us, we have been working towards this for the last few years. Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing our carbon footprint and decreasing our overall impact on the environment were key factors in our decision to go solar. In terms of cost, we did the maths and the economic benefits quickly became evident.”
“Some people say it is a progressive move, we saw it as an opportunity to do the right thing and it also makes good economic sense.”
“As far as we know, we are the only Anode Manufacturing foundry in the southern hemisphere utilising clean solar energy. It is good to know that a large proportion of our anodes will be manufactured using the power of the sun.”
“In terms of monitoring, the technology is quite amazing, it links straight into our online energy efficiency monitoring system, so we can review our energy inputs and outputs in real time. We would really like to thank Enviro Projects, who designed, supplied and installed the system. They did a great job.”
“Energy consumption


has been a major hurdle for us, we have spent a lot of time and money improving the efficiency of our key equipment. To have a state-of-the-art solar system as well is going to be an enormous benefit.”

CAA Australia 80kW Solar Project