Energy Management

Australian Enviro Projects Energy Management Solutions

To take control of your energy consumption you need to understand what energy is coming into your business and where it is being used. With this understanding you can introduce solutions to ensure your business is as lean and efficient as possible.

Australian Enviro Projects have the solution. We first install a data logger on your business which reads every circuit and sends the usage information to a cloud based portal. From here we can diagnose when, where and how much power you are using in your building, and develop energy saving concepts from this information.


The highly skilled team and our partners at Australian Enviro Projects are dedicated to working with your business long term to ensure you are at the cutting edge of energy saving technology.


  • Existing clients are experiencing reductions of more than 20% with ROI’s of less than three years.
  • View ‘real-time’ energy data using our exclusive EnviroMax energy management system so you can really see results in easy-to-follow graphical analysis or detailed reports.
  • We offer a wide array of comprehensive energy audits, including Australian level 1, 2 & 3 which comply with the Clean Energy Future funding program requirements.
  • Our experienced team will locate energy leaks and then provide you with cost- conscious, effective solutions.
  • Provide end to end project management for worry free solutions to your high utility bills.
  • The Power Maxamiser system will continue to monitor your utilities after you introduce solutions to ensure your business stays on track.

Australian Enviro Project’s Smart App – suitable for android, iPhone, iPad and web browser

It’s time to ARM your business with  the Energy Maximiser smart App.

The Energy Maximiser offers unprecedented insight into your organizations energy consumption through clever monitoring of your daily energy and real time data reports.


  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and market your business to environmentally aware customers.
  • Powerful easy-to-read charts and customizable energy consumption reports, available at the click of a button.
  • Complete Mobile integration with Cloud technology.
  • Peace of mind that data is secure and can be accessed anytime anywhere using the  web portal or mobile app. The revolutionary Energy Maximiser device can monitor all your building’s energy use including:
  • Incoming mains, power circuits, lights, hot water, air conditioning, machinary and high-voltage AC.

AUDIT and measure key sustainability criteria

To enable you to achieve results and savings you need to measure your current business usage first.


  • We begin by reviewing your energy use, and establishing monitoring and auditing processes
  • We take the mystery out of your energy management with the Energy Maximizer
  • Produce reports that comply with Australian Standard Energy Audits levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Ensure compliance with National Australian Built Energy Rating Scheme (NABERS) for office and hotels
  • Complete Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) to obtain Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC)

Energy Maximizer monitor

REVIEW results from measurement data and draw conclusions. It is our job to understand the information and data we gather for you.

  • Manage and understand your commercial utility bills, all it’s components and terminology
  • Our team will educate you so you can understand and take ownership of energy management in-house and integrate the philosophy into the culture of your business
  • With your new understanding of utility costs Australian Enviro Projects will then assist you in fixing  your problems and create ongoing savings for the future

MAXIMIZE efficiency of plant, equipment, energy assets  and tariffs.

After measuring  and understanding your business requirements Australian Enviro Solutions  will provide a consultative energy efficiency investment plan with your  tailored solutions.


Example Industry Solutions include:


  • Dramatically reduce your water heating costs through the use of Solar Pre-heat systems.
  • Reduce fixed pump running costs and create savings in excess of 30% using variable speed drives.
  • Heat Pump units and solutions – Aquatic heating initiatives.
  • Improve power efficiency using Power Factor Correction.
  • Reduce daily energy spikes and demand power charges created by large plant equipment start ups through effective demand shedding and process management.
  • Once site efficiency is optimised help supplement your business power needs through on-site Solar Photovoltaic, both medium and large scale installations.
  • Utilising Solar PV Battery storage solutions to alleviate peak demand.

1     Overview

An 80kw solar system with energy monitoring was installed in March 2015 at Cathodic Anodes Australia in April 2014 with the following aims:

a) Draw energy consumption from a renewable source

b) Minimize as much as possible grid consumption

c) Keep the company in tariff and not demand charges

The following report represents data for the month of July starting on the 1st up until the 5th of November 2014.


2           Energy Bills 2013 Vs 2014 and Savings


3           Points of interest

Data Capture when the induction furnace is operating

During days where the furnaces are operating the Solar system is working at its full 80kW load, and providing 370-­‐420kWh worth of free renewable energy.

The load is huge during these days, of which the Solar is providing approx. 25%.


Data Capture when furnaces are not operating


The Solar system is only working at a very small % of its potential during days where there are no induction furnaces operating, but still covering more than 50% of your daily load.

I notice there is something operating at about 6-­‐8kW per phase but on only 2 phases from 6am on these days, which may be evenly split on each phase and turned on closer to 9am when the solar is running at its peak.

Data Capture when electric resistance furnace is operating


CONT….. During days where the electric existencfurnace is operating the Solar system is working at its full 80kW load for periods of a time during the day, and providing 200-­‐220kWh worth of free renewable energy.

Most of the base load is covered now that the phases have been balanced.


Kunda Total Park ZED1 data from 30/06/2014 to 05/11/2014

Total Grid Consumption 71,591 KWh

Total Export 0.0 KWh

Total Usage 96,257 KWh

Total Solar Generation 24,666 KWh

Total annual predicted savings $36,619



1     Overview

An 80kW Solar system with Energy monitoring has been installed at AIB Insurance with the following aims:


a) Draw energy consumption from a renewable source

b) Minimize as much as possible grid consumption

c) Pin point any non-­‐essential loads.


The following report represents data for the month of June starting on the 17th up until the end of August 2014.



2     Energy Bills 2013 Vs 2014 and Savings



3     Points of interest

We can see a sharp increase in Solar Output each month, caused by the following decisions


a) June the system was only operating for 13 days

b)July we fixed the uneven loads to bring them closer together

c) August the system was running as it should

d) Without any other weather improvements we are on track to save AIB no less than $14,112 per annum.


The system has also been sized for summer when the air conditioning will be running at full. Currently the zero export is controlling the Solar system at around 35%, so as your load grows moving into summer so will your over all savings.


The 80kW Solar system will also cover a large portion of the daytime load should anyone move into the offices that are currently vacant.


4     Data Capture a typical day in August

The Dashboard view below shows the energy breakdown 2 days in August the 12th and 13th:






An 30kW Micro Inverter Solar system with Energy monitoring has been installed at St Benedict’s Catholic School with the following aims:


a) Draw energy consumption from a renewable source

b) Minimize as much as possible grid consumption

c) Bring the customer below the large consumer threshold and stop any threat to being placed on demand charges










Matt Harold managed the installation of a Solar system on Gympie Tafe. The system was installed quickly,professionally and on budget. We have been closely monitoring the output and our power bills and to date we have experienced a greater return than expected.

Wide Bay Tafe - Brad Faint General Manager

Australian Enviro Projects provided a 100kW complete off grid system for my large family home. We spoke to a number of companies and carefully chose Glen and his team to complete the job due to their professionalism and ability to deliver quality products within my budget. The system has not faulted and my generator has only been used as scheduled each month.

Craig Coetzee - Mount Luke Off Grid

“We considered getting a Solar System largely due to our ever rising cost of electricity and appointed Australian Enviro Projects to develop a strategy. They clearly pointed out the benefits, exactly what was involved and what sort of financial returns we would gain. Our 81kW system was delivered on time and to budget which will save us considerable money each month, enhance the value of our building and help reduce our annual carbon emissions.” Vicki Warne Managing Director AIB Insurance.

AIB Insurance 81kW - Vicki Warne Managing Director

Harnessing The Sun To Make Anodes

Cathodic Anodes Australasia is proud to announce the commissioning of their new Solar Power System at their Anode Manufacturing Plant at Kunda Park in Queensland.
CAA General Manager Ross Gorfine comments, “this is great news for us, we have been working towards this for the last few years. Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing our carbon footprint and decreasing our overall impact on the environment were key factors in our decision to go solar. In terms of cost, we did the maths and the economic benefits quickly became evident.”
“Some people say it is a progressive move, we saw it as an opportunity to do the right thing and it also makes good economic sense.”
“As far as we know, we are the only Anode Manufacturing foundry in the southern hemisphere utilising clean solar energy. It is good to know that a large proportion of our anodes will be manufactured using the power of the sun.”
“In terms of monitoring, the technology is quite amazing, it links straight into our online energy efficiency monitoring system, so we can review our energy inputs and outputs in real time. We would really like to thank Enviro Projects, who designed, supplied and installed the system. They did a great job.”
“Energy consumption


has been a major hurdle for us, we have spent a lot of time and money improving the efficiency of our key equipment. To have a state-of-the-art solar system as well is going to be an enormous benefit.”

CAA Australia 80kW Solar Project